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A candidates resume or job application may not always tell the whole story. Fortunately, every individuals history is as unique as a fingerprint.

With today's technology it can be traced to reveal fabrications or significant omissions. Whether yours is a small start-up business or a large national corporation, your company will benefit from knowing who you hire:

Criminal Records Search
There are various types of criminal searches. A criminal records search can be obtained by searching for felony and misdemeanor records from county and/or municipal courts, Federal District Courts, as well as statewide court record systems.

Social Security Trace
This trace acts as an identifier. It reveals names associated with a Social Security number, past and present addresses (essential elements in researching criminal history). This search has statistically proven to significantly increase "hit" or record ratios by revealing previous addresses perhaps intentionally undisclosed by applicants.

Motor Vehicle Records
A Motor Vehicle Record Search provides information that may protect your company. Every time an employee starts a car on company time, the employee and the company are liable. This is highly recommended for anyone applying for a job driving a truck, company car or operating machinery. Our report will reveal motor vehicle violations, suspensions and revocations, and it will indicate the type of license granted and restrictions on use.

Credit Examination for Pre-Employment
This check can reveal a great deal about a prospective employee and is particularly recommended for applicants slated for financial positions. All checks are done in strict compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). An Employment Credit Examination can also provide insight into an applicant's financial responsibility as well as verify previous employment and past address information.

Tenant Screening Credit Report
A tenant screening credit report, furnished by a major credit bureau, offers a look at a prospective tenant's credit history. Add a social security verification with prior address trace and criminal background search and a landlord can make an informed decision to protect their property from problem tenants who may cause damage and have payment problems.

Employment History Verification
More than 50% of applicants deceive potential employers by falsifying employment information. Common misrepresentations include length of employment with a former organization, salary levels and titles. Performing an Employment Verification can provide you with the key information about an applicant's work history, productivity and overall work ethic. We will conduct a telephone interview to verify dates of employment, position, and salary (where available) and rehire status.

Education Verification
Education history is also one of the most commonly falsified pieces of information given on resumes and job applications. We will verify school attended, dates of attendance as well as highest degree completed.

Civil Record Search
A Civil Record Search of the upper courts compiles information on any public filings concerning judgments or lawsuits against individuals or businesses for the past seven years. Each county varies with regard to what is maintained in its' upper and lower courts, normally depending on the dollar amount involved. This search will return such information as the case number, cause of action, disposition or current status, occurring within the past seven years.

Professional Reference Check
Reality Background Checks will contact colleagues and coworkers listed on the applicant's resume or job application to obtain an assessment of the applicant's capabilities and work record. If necessary, we can customize our service to use the same questions you would ask a reference.

Workers Compensation History
A Workers' Compensation Search may determine whether an employee will take advantage of injury claims. If a person has abused Workers Compensation in the past, there is a chance they will do it again. In using these searches, you must comply with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act).

National Criminal Database Search
Recommended to be used as a supplemental service to a criminal records search, this nationwide search is performed by accessing the largest criminal database available. With over 140 million records covering 44 states online including sex offender registries, this search is available with instantaneous results.

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