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PLEASE NOTE: As of 4/1/2019 Reality Background Checks has merged with Veritable Screening. Please contact or call 310-356-7001 if you have any questions.

We realize that you can go anywhere for your background screening services. The reason you want to use Reality Background Checks is that we offer customized service to meet your needs with a hands-on approach that is generally not found in our industry.

Many background check companies have moved toward an "automated" approach that will reduce the expenses for the company as well as reducing the interaction with the client.  Even with advent of advanced technology and improved access to data, we know that keeping our "hands-on" the process keeps the integrity of our work and the information that you receive at its highest possible level. We also know that companies have very real budgetary concerns, so we do everything possible to offer you the best pricing possible.  To address budgetary concerns, we automate as much of the process of completing a background check as possible, but we will always be here to assist you and answer any questions, as well as monitoring the progress and accuracy of your searches.

We also offer flexible programs to fully partner with you in accomplishing your screening program or support you when you choose to use our automated system.

The background screening industry can change quickly.  Our expert staff will help you learn what you need to know to create an effective screening program to fit the unique needs of your company so that you can focus on the business of your business.   To schedule a complimentary strategy session for your company's background screening program,email or call 310-356-7001.   


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