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These links will open in a new window.  The FCRA file is in PDF format and is 86 pages long.  You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open this file - if you don't have it, please click here to be directed to the Adobe web site to download this program .  You can save a copy for your reference by clicking "Save a Copy" once the document has opened.  When you close this window/tab, you will be directed back to

The Fair Credit Reporting Act

The FCRA governs the background check  industry when screenings are done for pre-employment, tenant and other purpose. It  outlines both the Employers' and Landlords' obligations and the potential employees rights.  Other laws and regulations that affect the industry have been incorporated into the FCRA when possible so that the governance is centralized.  Major changes have occurred over the course of time including the lengths of time for reporting criminal convictions, specific uses of credit information, access to public records and the determination of "current" information, as well as including procedures, such as Adverse Action Letters, that protect the consumers rights.

Obligations of Users Under FCRA

This document is published by the Federal Trade Commission - the agency that oversees and enforces the Fair Credit Reporting Act. (FCRA).  It may help employers and others learn more about conducting background checks appropriately.


Consumers rights

This document is published by the Federal Trade Commission. It outlines the rights of consumers (job applicants, renters) as it applies to a criminal background check for the purposes outlined in the FCRA. It provides information to the consumer for disputes as well as providing other basic facts on what the consumer can expect and actions that he/she can take.

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse

This link takes you to a page on the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse web site that lists many useful links to their publications, including: Employment Background checks:
A guide for Small Business Employment Background Checks in California
New focus on Accuracy Employment Background Checks:
A Jobseeker's Guide FAQ on Employment Background Checks

This site also provides information on privacy issues, identity theft, resume use and more. Pages on this site are generally in html format and do not require special software (other than your browser) to view and print articles.

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